from £220 ts &cs apply

Our Seasonal package is recommended a least once per year in the spring to remove all the winter fall from your pond. As our standard package we will clean your filter and pumps and features but with the seasonal package we will give your pond a real heavy clean to remove all the silt from the pond and give the surrounding area a clean to. we also cut back your plants ready for the summers growth. we also check your fishes health, and test the water chemistry.

The RESTART package. Over the years i have dealt with many pond so bad that they need to be stripped back to a bare shell and start again.

This can be very labour intensive so we created this package to do just that.

we start by removing all creatures from the pond and store them in our portable pool that can be filtered for prolonged storage if needed. We then drain the pond remove all the plants and re pot if needed. Then we will clean the liner or shell re seal if needed, clean all the filters and pumps. scrub the water features if you have some and refill the pond. we then introduce fresh live bacteria from out own ponds that have been running for over ten years to help prevent and negative cycle spikes and re introduce the live stock back into the pond. 

from £120 ts&cs apply

Our Standard package is we will come and clean your filters for you, we clean your pumps, features and remove the worst of any slit build up. This should be done on a regular basis every 4-8 weeks

from £80 ts&cs apply

​Dragonscape Devon

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Here at DragonScape Devon We are mad about ponds and everything Pond related We clean them, make them, maintaine them, we will even re-home your fish if they grow to big or you don't want them anymore. We also offer three packages to help you look after your pond.

All prices are subject to change pending on the location, size and condition of the pond. we reserve the right to amend the level of package needed upon inspection of the pond.  All comsumable materials used will incure extra charge at cost price. we accept no liability at law for damage cause by wild life or faulty equipment. All work is garenteed for 12 months except repairs however one additional visit will valid at cost price if repair fails. All liner garentees must be fitted as per the suppliers intructions my personal garentee is only valid on labour and not on materials or equipment outside of our suppliers.